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Originally Posted by roughedge View Post
I see Mikey being big enough next year and placing top 3. Marlon would be top 3 if big enough. Only way I see these two in go to match if to small. Mikey will be big enough. I bet he weighs in the low teens now but not sure. Marlon was small and will really have to beef up.
He may, my boy has taken off since Virginia Beach other than lifting, so the last time I saw Mike was the Wednesday before Memorial day, he said he was finally up over 100lb, something like 104. He could be low teens now, wouldn't surprise me, my kid has put on another 5 lb since then (up12 since OAC in March).

I hope Marlon grows, he is such a fun wrestler to watch and him and Mike are always smiling while on the mat. There was a period of about 5 years that my son and Marlon wrestled each other every season...then my kid grew.
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