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Originally Posted by jmog View Post
Yarbrough and Lewarchick will be interesting at 106.

Both maybe "small" 106'ers next year (meaning they won't be cutting to get to 106), but Yarbrough will be even smaller. Marlon may not have ever cut a pound through GS and JH because his dad knows he is smaller and didn't want to hurt any growth spurts.

So, when he wrestled 84 at this year's OAC, he was definitely walking around at 84 or less. I hope he hits a good growth spurt because the kid is athletic as all get out, is a great wrestler, and a really good kid (I understand he is a straight A student too). He is always smiling and just loves to wrestle. Giving up 20+ lbs next season maybe too much to deal with, so I truly hope he grows some.

Lewarchick won't have near the size problem that Yarbrough will, but will still be smaller than many of the "big" 106'ers at the top of the district/state level.

I know if it comes down to what you have listed here, a Yarbrough/Lewarchick go/no go to state next season at districts, it would be a great match, they practice together a lot and always have good/close battles.
I see Mikey being big enough next year and placing top 3. Marlon would be top 3 if big enough. Only way I see these two in go to match if to small. Mikey will be big enough. I bet he weighs in the low teens now but not sure. Marlon was small and will really have to beef up.
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