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Originally Posted by BGFalcons86 View Post
Does Bradley have any high-profile transfers that you're aware of? The annual Darby-Davidson "grinder" may decide which team goes to the playoffs and which team stays at home. Hoping Darby can stay healthier this year.
Hey BG.

Not sure about Bradley transfers but you can bet they are working on it. Much respect to Darby.I root for them every game except one. I just feel Davidson wins the Grinder Bowl this year.
Davidson has to get better QB play this year.Too many bad pitches,bad reads and fumbles from the QB position (and the running backs at times) really hurt them last year.There was very little margin for error in 2017.I have never seen as many mental mistakes as I saw last year. I called it after last season that I think/hope Davidson turns to Christian Sweet at QB.He played DB last year.I believe he threw the ball a couple times with success and I know the kid is tough and fast.I know Brian White said before last season that the kid is a player. Not sure if Sweet will be the QB but he seems like the perfect QB for that system to me. We will see. Good luck to Darby this year.