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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
I say this not because I'm making excuses for Homer, but just to show that the margin of success and failure is so thin. The metrics of yesterday was that Homer seemed to be physically fine. His fastball tipped 95MPH, his other pitches seemed fine, although I think he's still struggling with spotting most of his pitches.
95 is the new 85. If your fastball is 95, straight as a string, and over the heart of the plate, you get Sunday's results. No movement + poor location = useless pitcher.

Before you tell me "he's pitching if he's healthy" for the 100th time, I know that. Everyone understands that. But we don't have to be happy about it. If we could trade him for a box of Double Bubble and be rid of his contract, I'd say do it. Same for Mesoraco. Contracts like that the rebuild.