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Two big plays in yesterday's game.
1. Bottom of one, bases loaded, 0 out. Winker hits into a 3-2 DP and the Reds don't score more than 3 in the first.
2. Top 2, 3-0, runners on 1st and 3rd for the Cards. Wong hits a chopper that goes over Votto's head and down the line. If that ball is a foot or two down, it's a DP, 3-1 Reds, 2 on 0 out. It's not, the Cards get back to back first pitch doubles and go up 4-3 and never look back.

I say this not because I'm making excuses for Homer, but just to show that the margin of success and failure is so thin. The metrics of yesterday was that Homer seemed to be physically fine. His fastball tipped 95MPH, his other pitches seemed fine, although I think he's still struggling with spotting most of his pitches.
There seems to be this feeling that the Reds can just cut Bailey or DFA him and move on. If they were the Cubs, Yankees, Red Sox or another team with a huge payroll, then yes, they could. But the Reds can't owe a player a minimum of $50 mill over the next 3 years and just let him walk. That's not possible. So if he's healthy, he's pitching.