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Originally Posted by Football1 View Post
Manchester vs Tuslaw
Nothing spectacular but not a bad showing by tuslaw

Northwest vs Orville
Northwest get there players back ? But close game
Northwest has a tough road contest this week we'll see really where they are
But Orville shoukd wins some games

Triway vs loudonville
What I expected loudonville is young and should have some lumps
This year

Fairless vs CVCA
CVCA is still one of the favorites but you have to give fairless some respect but
Cvca can score almost any time they want but there defense seems alittle skeptic but I expect CVCA to finish top 3 in the PAC and if they want playoffs they will have to win out which will be tough but can happen
No, Manchester vs Tuslaw was not spectacular, but the Panther defense appeared to be more prepared than in the first 3 games. They stopped or controlled the rushing game, your choice, to the point where Tuslaw had to throw and they picked the wrong guy to throw at. They had little success throwing at #5. More success throwing to #3's side. Once again, the Panther offense was well oiled as they continue to put up 36+ points a game. Progress was made on defense.
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