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Originally Posted by mhsnumber1 View Post
I was at the Manchester South Range game and Manchester's defense and lack of any type of kicking game was atrocious. Kicker can't kick more than 20 yards off of a tee!!!.. Defense doesn't seem to be in the right sets at the right time. How do you give up a 50 yard screen pass on 1st and 20 with a 2 point lead and 5 minutes to go???? Not to mention they blew a 24-7 in less than 1 quarter!!! Defensive coordinator needs to go!!! All that being said, Manchester is still heads and tails above anyone else in the PAC. Look for them to roll through the last 7 games of all PAC contests.
Manchester lost both games because of 2 things. 1-no placekicker and a very porous defense. I have heard that that have had open tryouts twice for kickers and there were no candidates. Don't know the relationship between soccer and football. But, the answer is probably on one of the soccer teams. 2-their defense has very shoddy tackling. I know #53 got hurt vs SR, but he played in the other 2 games. Athletes are not the problem. Their pass defense appears solid except for one mistake by #3 in the 1st half. It appears that was fixed at halftime by moving #5 to the best receiver. #5 & #10 are solid in coverage. The problem lies in the LB's. The defense just doesn't appear to be totally prepared. KO's seemed to improve with #15. Punting also improved with him. But, both areas are still weak. The 2 solid units are the offense with #7 and the KO return team with #5. With league play starting this week, let's hope they have been hiding stuff on both sides of the ball.
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