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I think you forgot the link? Colony, I wouldn't put near in the same category. It's maybe after a season and a half finding some legs.

Just finished my rewatch of Season One of The Expanse. Most of my original "complaints," still valid. Dramatic scenes awkwardly forced or played out meme worthy.... and the lead, just doesn't have any charisma that would seem leadership worthy and has NO chem with his second but now for the good, I mean the really good.

It is packed. Rewatch, there were little things, off the cuff at the time comments that set up very important characterizations and plot points later. This is show that will age well and each season well worth a rewatch as the next season unfolds..

No two characters seem as if they were written by the same person, each has a different "voice" but often within a very well defined culture, based upon personal history. Their actors get to act. Even the one-offs get a chance to show their chops and they rarely over do it. The pilot who lost her husband, the spaced lady, the man who lost his boy.... As far as leads: we've mention Amos and Alex, but what did you all think of the actor playing Bobbie, when she saw the ocean? I could rewatch that scene many times and probably always see something new.

Continuity though the seasons I already mentioned but even little things: make the show so intelligent. Two that come to mind: Ganymede just before the marines are attacked, in the dome on the horizon there's something I hadn't noticed on first watch but which became a terrific continuity point two shows later. After Bobbie put the hurt on the jerk, next scene show her leaving the room and she gives her hand a little shake. Nothing demonstrative but it totally keeps the scenes connected and adds a little humor. Another Bobbie moment ( I think I'm going to like this character ), when she gets to the lounge on Mao's ship. Even better, no one makes a deal, they just ignore her.

Game of Thrones and Babylon 5 world and character building level, easily.
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