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Originally Posted by eastisbest View Post
Who DOESN'T look forward to dinner? As soon as I see them heading towards the kitchen, I know there's going to be some fun.

Yes the problems was first season, too much time trying to set up characters and too long getting around to what the heck was going on. I'll probably rewatch Season I, maybe it wasn't as slow as it felt. Now for sure, it's break neck and the visuals are outstanding. Best space battle ever.

I still do not like the lead though. He's dull, hard to see why anyone would look to him to lead. Just don't like the actor-character match. Amos' story however can't come fast enough and the play between him and Alex is the best part of the show (for me). The part I don't get, they brought in those Martians marines and just seemed to have dropped the ball, with a little exception at the end of last ep.

The funny part (spoilers avoided), I fell asleep during the episode on EROS, woke just at the end and go WHAT!!! I've watched the most recent, one of the best episodes in all quarters yet, politics, factions, fighting, relationships.... and still have to go watch that bit I slept through.
As the moral authority Holden is fated to be a bit dull throughout the series. I agree that the Amos/Alex interactions are funny as hell and represent the heart of the show. Like when the two are in a bar at Tycho Station and Amos tells Alex that he's "staying next door" and Alex looks at him funny and says "but that's a brothel" and Amos gives nonchalantly replies "yea I know".

The roles of both Amos & Alex grow as the books go on until they're equal to Holden & Naomi. The Martian Marine Bobby Draper will become a critical character and the events on Ganymede will be very important to the story going forward.
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