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Durant has proven time and time again he cares WAY too much what the public thinks of him (and somehow continually makes the choices that negatively affect that) so take this with a grain of salt:

ESPN: How much smarter of a businessman are you than you were, say, two years ago?
DURANT: I have mentors like Ron Conway [early-stage Google and PayPal investor] and Ben Horowitz [co-founder of Silicon Valley venture capital fund Andreessen Horowitz] and good friendships with guys like Chris Lyons [chief of staff for Andreessen Horowitz]. I mean, you just go to dinner with these guys, hang out with them. You start to meet these types of people at games. It's a little easier being here than saying, "Let's meet up when I come in from Oklahoma."
Given that you can reach anybody at anytime anywhere in the world simply by clicking a mouse, you can conduct business easily in the comfort of your home.

I wonder if Durant picks up the check when he dines with his mentors?
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