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Originally Posted by Indiandad View Post
Because that stud 3B is a 20 year old who has played a whopping 77 games in AA.

If he comes up this season it is because they failed to make a trade.

They'll likely keep him in the minors for another year or two, possibly more.
I don't disagree with the notion that if he comes up this year it is because they failed to make a trade, but they're not trading for a guy like Suarez, they'd want more of a sure thing. Sure you'd like to give this kid in AA as much time as possible but if he can hit why wouldn't he be up next year, if not this year? You just said he's probably ready for AAA in an earlier post, the next step is MLB. Boston has had some good luck with some of their prospects moving up the line fast, wouldn't shock me to see him in September getting some PH chances if he continues to hit that well.