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Mentor Cardinals Football 2017

Hey say my list is garbage if you want but you clearly care what I think of Eds. All you guys do or else you would simply ignore it and not respond

You brought hardly any fans when we played. Your schedule swallowed you up and we got credit for beating a 4 win team. There is no rivalry. No respect. You guys bring nothing at all

Yes your chants are annoying too. And the fat slob dad leading them at games needs to get a life That's no reason not to schedule them. Just saying that eagle eagle eagle oye oye oye chant is the epitome of dbaggery

My thoughts on Eds being dirty over the years are justified and correct. And it's why teams avoid you guys more than other privates. Has nothing to do with you being good lately. Eds always had more problems getting locals than the other private schools

You guys don't like it and that's fine. But plenty of people talk about how shady your boosters are.

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