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Originally Posted by MentorGrad2002 View Post
I don't mince words. I don't care about Eds as a school. I have no respect for their sports programs. Corrupt as they come and I don't want to associate with them

That's why nobody plays Eds. We aren't going to avoid Eds and play Ignatius or X because of competition. Get over yourselves

I'd like to pretend they don't exist and I damn sure don't care to hear about them. The trolling comes from your side
The OP starts the Mentor 2017 thread by bringing up why St. Edward is not on the schedule, and by responding we are trolling your thread?

Originally Posted by MentorGrad2002 View Post
You guys don't like it. You'll act like I'm angry when I'm not. I'd easily never deal with you guys at all if you would stay the heck out of our threads

But we know you won't as I said before

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You, angry? No. Can't imagine how anyone would get that impression.
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