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Originally Posted by MentorGrad2002 View Post
Well Mentor doesn't exactly get to pick any team they want for scheduling. We've had to play Ursuline and Mooney out of necessity. Boardman too

Glenville gets at least 7 wins a year with that senate schedule. And they are competitive too

You aren't wanting Mentor instead of Glenville. You are wanting Mentor instead of an out of state school or Cincy school. That's the difference

It rings hollow if you try to tell anyone that you guys are just as dirty at the lower levels as you are at the higher levels ..

There's a reason why Ignatius can schedule teams that you guys can't

There are other reasons beyond you guys being possibly the dirtiest school in the state in how you get your players

-also dirty on the field. Many cheap shots

-way less fans than Ignatius or Massillon Less money for us

-since you are dirty , your schedule is stacked. This means that if we do beat you , it's often harbins for a 6 win team or less even though it's still tough

-one of the most annoying fanbases to deal with. Many no class people who troll like crazy.

-one of the queerest chants ever with that stupid eagle eagle eagle garbage. I'd not schedule you just to not hear that fat Kevin James looking slob at things like basketball leading that

- the respect isn't there. Much like most publics in Ohio, we don't want to associate with you

Again move on. If it were up to me we wouldn't play you guys in anything

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Sure you didn't miss any of your bullet points?

Good luck to Mentor this season. Hope to see you in the playoffs as always.
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