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Originally Posted by Kyle_E_Woyote View Post
Hey there, I have an abscure question about a unique accomplishment. I wonder if any of you happen to know of a high school athlete who has won a varsity cross country race, but who has also qualified for the state track meet in a field event?

I don't recall noticing anyone ever doing this, but there must be some out there. But the body types and training can by quite different for distance runners and field event participants.

I ask this, because I did this in while high school. I won one CC race, and qualified for the state meet in the triple jump my Senior year (many moons ago).
Not sure of his HS XC accomplishments but in college one of my teammates was a 1:52 half miler and sub 4:20 miler who also high jumped over 6 ft 8 inches.
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