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It's not terrible for a freshman... But it isn't really "good."

Your XC time is a pretty good deal better then your 800 time. Depending on what kind of speed you have (What is your 400 time? Maybe even 200 or 100 time????) you might want to bump up in track to the 1600 or even more so the 3200. That said, if you want to stick with the 800 you definitely can by working hard. The 800 is a lot different from XC in the fact that you really do need some "speed" to be good at it.

Based on your XC time, you probably put in a fair share of miles...
For the 800, you should rely a lot more on high intensity shorter workouts then just running a ton of miles... 200 repeats are golden for 800 runners... 6 of them running almost all out is a great place to start. Not too much of a rest. Gradually you will want to run them faster, maybe running 8 of them.
Do that once a week at least... Another day, maybe 400-600 repeats a bit slower, but still moving pretty fast.

For you, it might not even be a bad thing to run some 50's or 150's just to work that speed...

Another day of the week you can do your longer runs... Not like XC though... 3-4 mile run at a decent pace will do. Probably no more then 6 miles.

Mixing in some pyramids (400, 800, 1600, 800, 400) workouts will probably help.

Best thing of all you can do is talk with your coach. If you want to be good, all it takes is hard work... If not the 800, then the 1600 or 3200.......
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