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Originally Posted by domi View Post
Since you seem to like Snopes:

No proof means nothing is there, right?
Haha I never said I like Snopes. I was throwing it out there because it’s a Liberal rag that even said the quote Trump supposedly made was not substantiated.

As for your link to Snopes that’s the whole issue. There is enough “conflict of interest” present that should have been investigated. But too many are in the same boat so they put together this witch hunt against Trump. I’m not 100% for Trump but what’s going on right now is total BS. The FBI turned a blind eye on illegal activity by Hillary and Obama while going after Trump because he may have had sex with a porn star.

Hillary sells our uranium to Russia but the FBI doesn’t have
time to investigate that or file charges ?!?!?

And Comey making millions for Lockheed is nothing. Yea right!
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