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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
Yes I am a moron Toe you are the erudite one { Smahht} one, yes i am very upset , my typing has taken a turn for the worse and my command of the language takes a turn for the worse.

You see most aren't as gifted as you in the eloquence and clarity department , I apologize for having a hard time keeping up , I will be more diligent in the future especially when conversing with the likes of you who are clearly in a league of their own intellectually speaking .

Your agile mind is something we all are jealous of , your adept perceptions and wry observations regale us consistently . I am just proud that you actually found it in your heart to converse with the less fortunate [Me am aware of my 76 IQ SCORE} Please keep elevating this entire forum with your presence, a true treasure that so many of us basically just look to see what you think about things . god bless you man
I just figured that your first language might be Russian.
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