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Originally Posted by Conan73 View Post
One thing is certain, other countries are catching up, and if the US is not careful, the dominance that are Women's program has will come to an end.
Other countries have already caught up and, I would posit, the USWNT's dominance has already ended.

Germany, France, Canada, England, and Japan can beat the USWNT on any given day. We've recently seen that. Australia and Sweden aren't far behind. Some of the Asian countries, in addition to Japan, are very good. North Korea, South Korea, China, the aforementioned Japan, all have very technical players and their tactical savvy is also developing. Combine technique with tactics and the result is very skilled players. A player that is technically sound isn't necessarily skilled unless the tactical comprehension is there as well. Tactics are where the US women are being exposed. Though, having said that, many fundamental skills seem to be lagging as well.
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