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Originally Posted by Conan73 View Post
I doubt that the next president of USSF is going to be stressed over whether or not the Women's DA is better than ECNL.....As has been argued in numerous posts, developing a strong national talent pipeline involves much more than whether or not high school aged players are in the ECNL, DA, or US Soccer regional leagues or the National league. One thing is certain, other countries are catching up, and if the US is not careful, the dominance that are Women's program has will come to an end.

The issue of whether or not high school soccer is right for the elite soccer players in the US has been debated for years. Some college coaches and national soccer leaders have argued that the elite players need to skip high school soccer. This is why the Boy's DA was established a few years ago, and why we now have the Girl's DA.

The argument that USSF is trying to put an end to the ECNL is ludicrous. No one is forcing anybody to play in DA. The marketplace will decide if there is a demand for girls wanting to skip high school and play high level club for 9 months out of the year. If the DA is a success it will be because it tapped into a major unmet need in Girls' soccer.

Now, if the ECNL is truly the best out there, then there's nothing to worry about. The "best" players will remain where they are, and the ECNL will continue to thrive. If kids leave the ECNL, then the ECNL has something to think about.

I suspect that there will be room for both. There is and will be a demand for full year training. So, some kids from ECNL, National, and regional leagues will join the DA. However, other kids will remain in ECNL, etc.

ECNL supporters need to stop being so insecure about their product. If it's as good as they say it is, it will continue to survive and thrive.
You missed my point. Instead of complaining, do something to change what you don't think is right. The biggest thing I like about the US Youth soccer setup when it comes to leagues, is that you have to earn your place as a team. ECNL is setup for only certain clubs to be admitted, and participate. Have you ever actually looked at who runs US Club Soccer?? Here is a link:

How about ECNL? Here is a link:

See the common theme?

I think they are doing a lot of things right, but not everything. It is a shame that US Club had to be started, but it certainly has made positive impacts on USYSA, which tends to happen when there is some competition.
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