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Originally Posted by rdlwolverine View Post
Monclova Steve is correct with Papa Bear, who had a short MLB career, playing 12 games with the 1919 Yankees. He was MVP of the Rose Bowl earlier that same year for Great Lakes Training.

As to the remaing two, if you can't get them from the current clues, I would guess that you can't get them at all, so I will reveal -
Carroll Hardy played at Colorado and was a back up OF for the Tribe, Bosox and Houston Colt .45s. He was traded by the Cleveland Indians with Russ Nixon to the Boston Red Sox for Ted Bowsfield and Marty Keough in 1960.

The Golden Greek was Harry Agganis, who was a two-sport star at Boston U.
Was Harry Agganis' son Mike who owned a minor league baseball team that once moved from Burlington, VT to Canton, OH to become known as the Canton-Akron Indians (AA affiliate of the Cleveland Indians)?

IIRC, the team in Burlington was the Reds' AA affiliate. Canton built Agganis a new stadium to lure him away from Burlington - Thurman Munson Memorial Stadium. Agganis eventually moved the club from Canton to Akron and got the city to build him a new ballpark - Canal Park. The club became known as the "Aeros," and after a change in ownership a few years ago, is now known as the "Rubber Ducks."

While doing some microfilm research, I ran across an article from the late '80s when Canton was in the process of luring the ball club from Burlington. The mayor of Burlington said that the club had honored its lease but that he couldn't understand why Agganis would want to move the team since it was winning, and the community was supporting the team well. The mayor also said he'd be angry if Agganis would vote to block another team from moving to Burlington and, that if Agganis did so, the mayor would love to sit down with the mayor of Canton and warn him about Agganis. The mayor of Burlington at that time was Bernard Sanders.
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