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To what degree they get it " RIGHT" I am not sure , but I guarantee if you watch Thursday's NFL draft TWO of the top 10 picks will not have a significant NFL imprint , there WILL BE A Vernon Gholston or a QB bust. In other words it is an inexact science, there are tings that can't be accurately measured .

I agree there are more transfers DOWN in order to play than kids wanting to try to play at a higher level , which is why you see walk on's starting from time to time at even MAJOR talent factory schools .

It is very hard to gauge who will work hard enough to succeed at the next level of comp coming out of high school , and or who will start partying too much or not studying, , although level of High school and your transcript can offer clues obviously.

5 Star guys sometimes NEVER start , and three star or less guys make the NFL, happens all the time, undrafted free agents start on EVERY NFL team , and these guys are professional talent evaluators, many draft picks NEVER make a team .

Fine line between who gets offers and who doesn't , blurry, not much difference, and also you can't ignore the momentum dynamic, once a kid gets that first offer what often happens is OTHERS thin hmmm if they offered shouldn't we? Same thing can happen if you are offerless if you will , it becomes contagious sometimes.

Pro leagues are copycat leagues, college recruiting can be as well
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