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Originally Posted by AllSports12 View Post
I have three issues with this response.

First, a player from K "literally picked up" the returner (without the ball) from R and tried to place him on top of the ball. At the minimum, you have a foul for holding (by rule) against K.

Next, you use the term "first touching" in an incorrect manner. Surely you know that "first touching " is a specific definition that refers only to players from the kicking team, not a touch by the receiving team.

Lastly, I'm astonished that you would suggest that a good official would blow this play dead.
Holding during a loose ball play? Good luck explaining that. Having not watched the play myself, I can only picture it. And I wouldn't call a hold on a loose ball play anyway.

Meant to just say touching. Old habit I guess...

He wasn't specific on whether the player was successful in putting the K player on the ball. If he was, I am killing that play. If he wasn't, then certainly you would let the play continue.
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