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Originally Posted by Johnny Sins View Post
5 divisions

DI - 64-80 teams. 64 largest schools by competitive balance enrollment placed in DI. Schools that aren't in the top 64 can play up in DI if they choose to do so (LaSalle, Hoban, WW, etc.). Schools in the top 64 that are clearly unable to compete with the rest of the teams in the division can be moved down if the OHSAA chooses to do so (this would most likely apply to inner-city schools). No more than 16 schools can be moved up to DI in a given year (maximum 80).

DII-IV - 190-200 teams per division. Schools divided evenly by enrollment with no competitive balance. Teams can be moved up or down based on performance like in DI. Have a "Texas style" state playoffs where there's two playoff brackets per division. Top 16 teams per region in harbin points make the playoffs with each region divided into 2 brackets of 8 teams based off of enrollment. This would still allow the best teams to make the playoffs and play against teams of similar size.

DV - 64 teams. 8-man football. Schools can move up to other divisions but teams can't move down to DVI. 64 smallest schools plus any new programs that aren't larger than the biggest school in the division.

A few years ago when South Carolina ran a four classification system they would do a system in Class 4A (Similar to D1 in Ohio) where they would take the 32 teams in 4A that qualified for the playoffs and then rank them according to overall enrollment size. The 16 biggest schools who qualified for the playoffs were put into a 16 team bracket nicknamed the "Big 16" and then the other 16 were put into another 16 team bracket. This went away after SC moved to a 5 class system 2 years ago. Under the old 4 class system, 3A schools played in a 32 team bracket with no division, 2A schools likewise and for a time 1A schools did something similar to 4A in that the biggest 1A schools played in their own 16 team bracket and then the smaller 1A schools played in a 16 team bracket. So essentially up until 2 years ago in SC you had 6 state champs in a given year in football. Now keep in mind this was being done in a state where only 200 schools play football. Of those 200, 128 of them made the playoffs each year.

Since Ohio uses male enrollment only for football you could keep D1 the way it is now numbers wise, see who makes the playoffs under the harbin system, then divide those 32 schools into two 16 team brackets based on male enrollment.
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