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Originally Posted by quake591 View Post
Yes could have done that but kids asked him to stay. OCLWArrior sounds like you have a personal problem becuase the coach didn't throw the ball to your boy enough. The Vinton County situation was once agian something you don't know about about. Don't slander someone until you know the facts.
As you can see from my moniker, I did not attend Parkway nor do I have any kids playing football there either. The kids asked him to stay for two months but he could not stick it out for three more weeks? What school district hires someone for next year requiring them to work the last month of the previous year? Stating the facts is not slander just because you don't like to read about it. I don't know what story you were told, but I got my info on Well man by googling his name and reading newspaper stories of his career. I guess you are right and all the papers printed lies. You sound like you are the one with a personal problem.
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