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Originally Posted by MACNation View Post
The only pettiness has came from what you initiated. Your "common knowledge" from an article not based on true facts has no merit. Look back to what Ranger Fan stated earlier. He definitely knows the true happenings within the MAC. Again, look over past history. Know and back up your facts before making comments that simply are not true.
Maybe you don't know who Dean Eversole or Al Hetrick are? 334 wins. 18 conference championships. Six state titles. Dean was the author of Tigerball and the author of the article I posted. It can't get anymore common knowledge than that. While he didn't point to Minster directly (good for him to stay above that as a coach in the conference), he knew what was going on.

Therefore, quoting the legendary coaches and their thoughts are not petty. Those are what I would call concrete facts or common knowledge. And these men are some of the best to grace our local fields.

Regardless, big fan of your coaches. Big fan of the Mac. And by the way, big fan of Otten and Goodwin as well. If you have ever sat in on coaching conferences with these guys, you can learn a lot just listening to them. You gentlemen have a great weekend. I look forward to hearing from you on your conference and what the kids are accomplishing. Baseball and Football. I believe the MAC is well prepped for more titles in the coming months/year. Your communities are doing a fantastic job in raising these kids the right way and it is a pleasure seeing their success on the highest levels.
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