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Originally Posted by thereckoning View Post
Striped, with all due respect, I think you read into what your fellow minster fans said and thought the "manner I expressed myself" was something other than what I wrote. I believe I used the terms Rumor, Rumor Mill, and spoke of not quoting ADs or administrators, but rather people, fans, etc.. I didn't express in any manner anything but the truth.

As far as the article op ed piece? Written by Dean Eversole, the author of Tigerball and a long time assistant to a legend in Hetrick? No. Obviously this MAC INSIDER knew much more than anyone on this board. And believe me. I've known Coach Moore for years. He knew exactly the situation he walked into....a restless fan base. One that had seen the "dumpster fire" of 13 years and two playoff appearances and one winning season.

Bigkat. Nothing but respect for Coach Moore and Coach Stokes. I would never "troll" Minster. If I wanted to do that, I would ask why it has been 30 years since their last MAC football championship, 43 years since their last MAC basketball championship, and why grown men on a football message board tout 33 state champions, when only 7 of them have come from the men (with the majority being baseball).

BUT, I wouldn't do that because I know the hard work and effort these coaches, young men, and young women put into making these championships possible. I will take nothing away from them. Again, it is about the kids. What a wonderful run they have had at Minster.

FYI, bigkat, you are the reason many of us old timers got out of officiating. We would point guys like you out in the crowd before games. No skin off my back. You win. You are right. Whatever. Think about that next time you are in the crowd yelling at a young official that is struggling because all of us old timers are gone.

I came on this board for good MAC discussion/banter. What a wonderful conference full of rich talent. Not for trash talk and petty arguments.
The only pettiness has came from what you initiated. Your "common knowledge" from an article not based on true facts has no merit. Look back to what Ranger Fan stated earlier. He definitely knows the true happenings within the MAC. Again, look over past history. Know and back up your facts before making comments that simply are not true.
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