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Originally Posted by Zezzo! View Post
Inner city baseball is terrible. Inner city kids just don't play it anymore and flat out don't think about it! AAU along with the costs'of the game have attributed to the lack of popularity in the Urban areas and destroyed summertime baseball programs in the (city). Baseball nationally is not as popular as it once was. Football is this generation's national pastime. There's nothing to attract the borderline kid to the game.
Yeah, RBI throws together a Cleveland summer team with an inner-city roster that can score a few runs at times. That's about it. They have a great home field in the restored League Park/Luke Easter Field. TARP/Obama money, I think.

None of the Cleveland HS teams ever get a second game, always give up double-digit runs. No pitching - ever.

The game is just not valued in that sub-culture.
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