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Originally posted by wrigley
Did any of you early to mid 80's grads by your beer at Granny's on 128 or E-town. If the usual Smile Drive thru etc. wouldn't sell it then you could always count on these places. It was always worth the drive.
my neighbor tells me he used to buy his beer at the deli-pony keg on Ebenezer across from Jeff's Marathon where the bank is now. We always used the traditional approach, wait outside and ask someone to beer your beer because we lost our I.D......of course

we used to sit on top of a small building located behind the Covedale Theatrea and drink. You could see Glenway ave, the Medical arts building parking lot and the lot behind the theatre. We had all the angles covered. Then if need be run into the woods. Please don't tell my 13 year daughter this.
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