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This is fun.

How about Squire Jack Fish-n-Chips where the Covedale Pet Hospital is? I think there used to be one on Ferguson near Glenway also.

King Kwik on the corner of Foley and Pedretti (next to Cubby's present location). It was also called Lawson's prior to that. The Greenhouses that were on the corner there also.

Larry Smith and his Puppets (Hattie the Witch and Snarfy R. Dog) on Channel 19 in the afternoons.

Skipper (Glen) Ryle on Channel 12 in the mornings. A rival of Ucle Al in the late 60's.

The savings and loan scandal in 1984(?). Home State Savings Bank (where White Castle is on Delhi Pike) was on the national TV news for many nights as people tried to get their money out of the bank.

Pogues (Media Play) at the Western Hills Plaza was Mabley & Carew before that.

Kroger's and Super/X shared the building where Funky Dunks is now.
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