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Originally Posted by Slink6 View Post
I'll answer that question. Again as someone who has been around the game my entire life playing or coaching at all different levels from youth up through the college ranks, when your up by 50 or 60 you call off the dogs. Let me go on record again by saying I don't care about the overall score itself. I'm not looking at the 123-45 score against Columbiana or the 111-60 score against Ridge. I'm looking at what is done after you've reached that point of ok, we are up 40 or 50 we can tone it down a notch now. We can can start to work on some other things, for example time management, or 1 shot scenarios. We can get the end of the bench some extended run during a varsity game. There's a number of different ways to continue to coach up your kids even once your up 40 or 50. Keeping your starters in, pressing and trapping, and jacking quick threes is nothing but poor sportsmanship, classless, and in my opinion completely uncalled for during a high school basketball game. That Columbiana game for instance was a perfect opportunity for Coach Rasile once he was up by 40 in the first half and In complete control of the game to call the dogs off in the second half. Start to integrate the JV players. Call off the press. Work on a half court zone that who knows, you might just need when you get to Canton. Coming out and pressing and trapping with your starting 5 when your already up by 50 at half? Come on man take your blinders off. These are kids. Unfortunately some are only gonna be so good and once they've already gotten their behinds whooped what does Rasile have to gain by keeping his foot on their throat?! Nothing is the answer. Besides him trying to prove something which again at the expense of 15-16-17 year old kids is pretty classless if you ask me. Bottom line is go beat a team by 50. I don't care, blowouts don't bother me as they come with the territory. Just have some respect and class while you do so and respect the integrity of the game and high school sports in general.
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