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Originally Posted by Slink6 View Post
Let me just be clear, I have no problem with the score itself. It's the way you get to the score. I'm not sure how the South Range game played out. But what I do know is McDonald was up 42 going into the 4th and they come out in a press and shooting quick threes with their starters until late in the 4th. I have no problem if a team wins by 40-50-60. I have an issue when a team is up 40 plus in the 4th quarter and they are still trying to extend the lead with a press and their starters. Obviously, when your as talented as McDonald, and play the style they do, they are going to find themselves in a lot of lopsided games. But when that 4th quarter rolls around and you are up 30-40-50 points there is zero need to have your starters in the game, pressing and trapping full court, and shooting quick shots. Clear your bench, run your offense. People want to say "they need to prepare for a close game for later in the year". Well guess what. Think they might ever be in a situation where they are up 2 or 3 with the ball and a couple mins left and they need to run the clock until the other team is forced to foul? Why not work on that? Run it a min or so and then get into a set. That is a realistic scenario that come Struthers, Canton, and Columbus they will need to be efficient at. Guess won't they won't need to be efficient at? Pressing and trapping a far inferior team when they are up 50 in the 4th quarter. I just can't wrap my head around the decision to continue to do that given the time and score of the game.
Yes it would be good to practice situational scenarios. No doubt in a couple weeks they will be doing just that. Running sets in a close game. But whats the saying? Jack of all trades...master of none. Most teams live or die by playing their style at this level. McDonald certainly does and this year they really got a lot of talent we'll see how far it takes them.

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