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Originally Posted by BLUE DEVIL 81 View Post
These people on here that criticize Rasile, why don't we ask Coach Hughes from Ridge if he thought Rasile was wrong in how he handled this game.
I won't comment on the asking Coach Hughes comment because I'm actually quite close with Coach Hughes so I know exactly how he feels and I won't comment one way or the other because that's not my place. However I will say this. I believe there is a line to be crossed and Rasile has crossed it a few times. What is your logic on keeping your starters in and pressing when your already up by 40 going into the 4th? That somehow pressing and jacking threes when up 40 against a team that is clearly far far far inferior to yours is going to help your team prepare for a close game later in the year? That is absurd. In no way shape or form is doing what they did to Ridge tonight in the 4th quarter helping them prepare for a game against a better opponent late in the season. All your doing at that point is pouring salt in the wounds of those 16 and 17 year old kids. I've played and coached all the way up to the college level and have been on both ends of good ole fashioned butt whoopings, and there is nothing that can be said that can convince me that pressing and shooting quick 3s with your starters late in the 4th quarter was a necessary action by Rasile to prepare his team. You want to put in your JV team and have them gain some experience by running your system? Fine. But to have your starters out there, kicking a team when they are down and out, is just classless and wrong in my opinion.
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