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Originally Posted by AllSports12 View Post

How about we just teach all the kids the fundamentals of the game? When they are old enough to know if they really want to play the game, then let them earn that trophy.

Tournaments at this age do nothing but add to the rate of burnout.
No, tournaments at this age better prepare the athletes for competition. So a 5th Grader isn't old enough to decide if he/she wants to play a sport? Again, rec league/regular season is for everyone to learn fundamentals and improve. Tourney play is for putting those fundamentals to action to see if you can compete. Burnout..really. You think these kids are practicing 7 days a week and playing tournaments year round all over the country? None of these kids are anywhere near the point of burnout..come on. I'm 46 years old and been coaching/organizing/officiating youth sports for over 20 years and I have yet to meet a player that suffers from "burnout".

I think you have a misinformed understanding of what these "tournaments" really are.
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