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If this was an AAU style situation. I'd have no problem with it. I help run a program, and even then, I feel like the message would be delivered with a reason. These are a bunch of small schools and they all alternate hosting a tournament through out the year.

If they were shootouts, I would be more understand to it, even if I disagree with it, as long as it's communicated first, in writing. (saves a lot of headache later on) But at this age, with that much interest in a school that graduated generally 75 kids per class, having 19 girls who want to play and learn is great.

To my knowledge there are about
4 above average players
10 average players
5 below average players.

2 of the below average players being coaches kids, and they are on the team, for obvious reasons. I don't have a dog in this fight, but was apart of the conversation, and mentioned rotating players who are avg or below avg at different tournaments. You'd most likely lose a couple due to scheduling conflicts, or just not wanting to do it, and the others it still allows them to be apart of the organization. Not perfect, but a way to resolve a lot of explanation.
They also said it was a money issue. However the cost of what they pay goes towards tourneys and jerseys. So each kid paying should mean 1 tourney. I could be wrong, but it doesn't sound like a money issue. Sounds more like a political 6 fathers want to coach their daughters and make sure they get trophies opposed to actually teaching the game.

Fundamentals will always out weigh trophies at this age, and last time I checked, no one remembers who the 5th grade champions were later on in life.
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