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Originally Posted by BobcatQB View Post
Regular season is for equal play, post season is for winning. I don't consider it to be cutting players, I consider it to be an all-star selection. Did they cut players in the regular season? No, they all played as they should have. Yes, most tourneys only allow up to 12 kids per roster.
I get what you're saying. But there is no true "regular season" They just go to multiple tournaments. I'm well aware of the roster restrictions, which makes perfect sense. However half of the year it was ok to have 2 teams, and the other half it wasn't? Especially when each parent pays the same amount to go to these tourneys. I think there is a better solution than to cut 5th graders. If this was a travel organization, I'd understand, but with it being school affiliated, I personally think it looks bad.
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