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Cutting in 5th Grade.

Looking for different opinions on this.

There is a school in NEO who had 19 girls come out for 5th grade basketball. I thought this was great considering that's as many as the HS has for 9-12. Early in the year they had 2 teams. Team A had 10 players Team B had 9. In a recent Shootout they combined the teams and made 1 team of 19 players with 6 coaches. After the shoot out they sent out a Text to 7 parents stating they were only going to keep 12 for these reasons
1.) They are going to tougher tournaments and want to remain competitive and win.
2.) Even the girls who were avg got equal playing time through out the year, and that's how the judged who would make the team.
3.) Consider it to be like an All-Star summer softball team.
4.) The reason that this school has been so successful is because they don't do it like other teams. They play everyone equally and it's not just about winning.
5.) You can only take 12 to most Tourneys, and having 2 teams would double the cost.

Lastly - Doing this was never mentioned at the beginning of the year or mentioned to the parents. There was never a reasoning to the parents as how the team was decided and all 6 "coaches" daughters made the team. Ironically.

Mind you these are 5th grade girls. I do not have a daughter on the team.
I'm just curious if any other school has ever done this and your opinion? Is this something that should be taken to the Head Coach as it's school affiliated? Or do you just let it go?
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