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Originally Posted by CC Track Fan View Post
I agree as long as a similar number of teams entered 9 at districts as two years ago the cut-off for D1 boys will be 300 or 301. Either number will move Lexington to D1 as I believe they are the biggest track team on the boarder line.
Coventry at 296 is in an incredibly dicey situation, but my guess is we squeak out d2, at lest for the next couple years. I hope we stay in d2, theres no way Coventry ever will have the kind of depth necessary to compete with the likes of Glen Oak, and Canton Mckinnly on a yearly basis. This past season, we made it all the way to a 6th place finish at regionals with a sub 44 in the 4 by 100, and we had to substitute in our 5 and 6th fastest runners, because of injuries to our 3rd and 4th. impressive show of depth, but theres no way we can put that kind of depth year in year out across all 17 events.
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