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Originally Posted by cabezadecaballo View Post
You are a pretty lame devil if you can't appreciate a good death panel.

The last thing I want my kids to have to do is pay your medical bills for futile life support if your assets are squirreled away in trust and your kids are in denial that you are ready to go to your final "reward". I know what a bastard you are, even if they don't. I want some sober-minded death panel shutting you down if we're paying for the care just to keep your feet out of the fire. Buh-bye.
Ah, but that's just it! The death panels end the suffering, and allow people to not look their choices right in the eye! Kids having to live with guilt, parents knowing the kids are stuffing them in homes! So utterly delicious! The sweaty, gritty face your life long sins aspect of it all!

Not to worry Cabby! We have room for those willing to sell mom to a death panel to save money!
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