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Originally Posted by Yellow_Jacket06 View Post
I'm really surprised by some of the responses here to be honest. I know the Rams have lost to a couple damn good teams but are some of you TM guys really not that confident about this game? Really?

Any other year this thread would be full of RAM NATION predictions of rolling by however many points they want. It's kind of depressing the tone is different.

Come on. Stop sandbagging and let me hear it for old times sake! This is the end of this series for a long time.
We went to the ship in Ď82, after the GWOC kicked our Azz until the late 2000ís. We go on a tare, and then you decide to dis band the league, it smells of White Privilege. The thing with Coach Doug was handled, and the Coaching staff and District handle there punishment like professionals, and that was that.

It hurts because when I was kid we took those beatings never complained, and never ran. I enjoyed going to places I normally will not go, and meeting new people. The only time I can remember being embarrassed by our behavior was the Northmont game when the benchís cleared.

It hurts, itís like your Family turned their back on you. I just donít have the respect for this like I did a few years ago.
My question is this, like St X a few season ago, a 5-5 record in this new GWOC will put us in the Region 12 Tournament.
Those 10 deserters will not play ANY competition so what are they gonna do when they run into us, start their own playoff league lol.

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