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Originally Posted by BigWorm View Post
Smith isnt really that young is he? I have not seen him ever coach anyone up? Haz would be good but no school will give him a chance with his extra curriculars. Fisher has won 3 city titles at a school that had not had a winning season in decades, I would probably allow him to do what he is doing lol/....
Worm you have a SERIOUS hard on for the Smiths buddy! First the son, now the dad WOW! Anywho, Smith is a good coach Ive seen him at Firestone and correct me if Im wrong, he had the much ballyhooed class of 17 since the were 4th graders and did a helluva job through the years. The kids love and respect him, Im sure he takes a back seat to fisher and Haz respectively since those are the head guys. Giving the opportunity hed be a good coach...As far as fisher and his 2 championships (15/17) the program was in the dumps until Haz (and smith)arrived! Give credit where its do! Damn Jackson I mean Bigworm
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