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All the lists I've seen have mass-mck, Troy-piqua, Dover-Phila, iggy-eds. Literally never seen this referenced.

There's about 10 books on the Dover Phila rivalry. They were playing football for generations before either of those 2 Akron schools existed. Not knocking it, I'm sure to those schools it is a big deal. But a couple painted cars and tight crowd shots of half empty stadiums don't touch the snake dance, bonfires, rallies in the allies or pageantry of Dover Phila week.

When you guys play, it's two buildings squaring off, when Dover and Phila play, it's two communities. I've been to Claymont-Indian Valley games that had bigger crowds.

When I want to go see Dover Phila or mass-Mck, I can't just go up to the gate and get tickets. Can I at Hoban-SVSM?
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