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You have to read the rules and understand the flowchart of feeder schools. Easily explained for a school like St. Thomas Aquinas.

Based on the physical address of STA (Louisville) the only feeder schools that kids can come from and STA not be given CB figures for is St. Louis and of course the STA middle school as long as they are enrolled in 7th grade. (different multiplier for those who enroll in 8th grade)

St. Louis has about 6-8 students a year in 8th grade and not all of them wind up attending STA. The middle school is about 2-3 years old now and enrollment is low.

The majority of kids entering 9th grade at STA come from Christ the Servant (OLOP), Canton City feeder, St. Paul, North Canton City feeder, Regina Ceoli, Alliance City School feeder, and a few from St. Michael, Canton City School feeder.

It all boils down to the physical address of the high school for non-public schools.

However, 90+% of the kids enrolled at STA have gone to Catholic Schooling their entire school history. I guess the question is really what is homegrown? A kid who has lived his/her entire life in a locale and has attended Catholic or private school, or one who has at least one parent in the public school district or moved in by the 7th grade.

I guess I consider kids who have attended non-public schooling at a traditional feeder school for his entire school years with the intention of attending that non-public school for high school as "homegrown".

I don't care one way or another, CB is not going to affect most of the smaller non_public schools.
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