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Originally Posted by madmaxrockatansky View Post
Day 1 was each weight class broken down into pools of every wrestler.

Day 2 was:
Championship pools consisting of the top 2 wrestlers from Day 1's pools.
Consolation pools consisted of wrestlers who were not top 2 from their Day 1 pools.

Consolation pools were wrestled out to get those kids mat time/experience.
Championship pool placers crossed to face their equal from the opposite pool for the finals (as aforementioned, 1 v 1 for 1st, 2 v 2 for 3rd, 3 v 3 for 5th, 4 v 4 for 7th)

This seemed to be the case for all of the weight classes with exception to 220 where there simply were not that many participants. So for 220, their Day #2 was one large Championship pool that would determine placements, as opposed to two pools that crossed for placements.

Although it seemed and still seems confusing and convoluted, it's my understanding that the tournament officials' primary goal was to get kids as many matches as possible, especially given the lessened field due to the weather.
I don't dislike the way it was ran. Just that results are hard to come by. Seems pretty easy for the place that has the brackets to also list the finals matches and results.
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