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Originally Posted by HSFootballFan1972 View Post

Proven right, have you seen the team over the least couple of years? They are on a downward trend, not an upward one. If they are as good as Centerville people claim they are and have all this talent coming back, they would have gotten a lot better coaching prospects than the ones that interviewed. It is not only a school administration issue, but a talent one also...
KJ - Records of 6-4 & 5-5 with 11 of 20 games vs. playoffs is disappointing, but definitely respectable considering our bad defense. Projecting 7-3 or 8-2 this year is not unreasonable with a strong SR class (only a 2-3 game improvement). Good QB & WRs and 2 D1 DLs as Seniors. Do me a favor and save this post so we can touch base at the end of the season.
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