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Originally Posted by pigskin13 View Post
Coach Gardner was a great coach for Sandy Valley. I would want a coach who...
1-Generates excitement
2-Has bravado
3-Leads team to best record in school history
4-Has most wins in school history (in just 4 years)
5-Has team make playoff for the first time in school history
6-Has that first playoff game at home
7-Wins first playoff game in school history

A big loss for Sandy Valley when he took another job.
Feel like his bravado got his mouth a little ahead of his talent sometimes and his kids paid the price. And lets not toot his horn too much about most wins in school history in only 4 years... The previous bar was set pretty high at 26 career wins. lol Think he did good things for SV but like I said, I think he saw the writing on the wall and jumped ship. So much for "building the brand"
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