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[/QUOTE]Then even more embarrassing, getting beat by one of those midgets, while still claiming to be tall.[/QUOTE]

Who got beat by a midget?

Are you referring to Sandy Valley as a midget in a short league? They are/have been the largest school in the league other than the past 2 seasons(in which enrollment figures were lower due to digital school kids)

I apologize Garaway got beat in the Regional semis, in a great game by the way, by the eventual state semifinalist.

New Phila won their 1st playoff game this year and lost in the Regional Final, and I believe Dover made regional final in 2010 and then won it for a state semi berth in 2012. Both have been very good if not great programs. Ridgewood and Malvern both have state semi berths.

Before you state that Dover and Phila would beat Ridgewood, Garaway and sh$t, they have 3 times the boys in their school and are 2-4 divisions bigger than those IVC schools.. Ohio State also would beat Toledo.

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