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Originally Posted by Bandit22 View Post
I think it is somewhat unfair to slight SV peeps for getting excited for some success - it was long awaited.

From the IVC circles I am in - the former SV HC liked to hype things up generate excitement - also had a bit of a bravado to him that rubbed others the wrong way.

Can see how that could be a bad thing and also a good thing. No one wants to deal with an ego however you want your lead man to have some confidence and swag.

I think SV had some kids finally and won some games, could be business as usual next year tho as a coach bolting can be a sign of the down cycle.
Coach Gardner was a great coach for Sandy Valley. I would want a coach who...
1-Generates excitement
2-Has bravado
3-Leads team to best record in school history
4-Has most wins in school history (in just 4 years)
5-Has team make playoff for the first time in school history
6-Has that first playoff game at home
7-Wins first playoff game in school history

A big loss for Sandy Valley when he took another job.
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