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Beating teams that they don't beat is one heck of an accomplishment. Almost half their schedule they'd never beaten this century. IV, Garaway, Malvern, and Ridgewood. It's a heck of lot more noteworthy than 2 short guys standing on a group of midgets and calling themselves tall. Then even more embarrassing, getting beat by one of those midgets, while still claiming to be tall.
Who is claiming to be tall?? Maybe it was SV lat year who touted their, at one time, #4 ranking in the state before getting beaten by Ridgewood 21-7. Or maybe it was this year when SV was all hyped up by every newspaper and radio show around that area before a 31-0 drubbing vs ridgewood and a loss to Garaway (which is respectable) and then losing to TCC. If SV has awoken, why was your coach so quick to jump ship? He saw the writing on the wall.
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