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Originally Posted by tcgobucks View Post
Just curious.....I saw a tweet yesterday that said "River has sold 470 tickets for tonight's game". Wow, that wasn't meant to be a boast was it? 470 tickets for a District final? Heck, NW Ohio D4 teams fill 2200-3000 seat gyms for Distrit finals....470 wouldn't be a good ticket sales number for a lot of regular season girls games. What kind of crowd did Hiland - River end up with?
I also believe that games sell out up there because everyone around wants to see a basketball game. The community and the surrounding communities want to be there, if they are playing or not. Down here, you may have 40 people that aren't from the respective schools playing... just unfortunate its not the same down here and people don't care as much.

And said before, it was more about the presale tickets. they sold 520 I believe of their 600. Granted, that would sell in NW Ohio. But different populations and different desires.
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